Welcome to Deo’s!

Here at Deo’s we strive to give our customers the top brand, best quality food available.  For this to be achieved, we order our vegetables fresh at least twice a week to ensure the highest quality and taste.  Our dedicated kitchen team carefully inspects each order to ensure you are getting the best product possible.  We are also proud to support local businesses, including Sargento Foods, Johnsonville Sausage, Henning’s Cheese, Grande Cheese and local produce vendors.  By buying our cheeses, meats and seasonal vegetables through these local businesses we are able to show our support for them and give you an even better dining experience.  We try our best to be consistent!  We pre-portion our menu items so you can be assured each meal will be as good as the last.

That coupled with great service is what Deo’s Pizzeria & Pub is all about.

We hope you enjoy every bite!